3F project

About Us


3F project is part of the lighting design scene since 2010. The mission of 3F is to integrate the design disciple of lighting into architecture – as well as into interior and electrical design.

The first priority during the project-based design process is finding solutions – the team prepares the design project which is then supplied with technical elements.


„We are designers, dealing with light as an architectural element and a definer of space. During our design process, we focus on the individual features and the special requirements of each space to fill them with content and life – with a new dimension.” – 3F project


Our projects come from private and public clients as well.
Clients always receive an individual design perspective, while serving their requirements tailored to the certain project.

3F project provides up-to-date and flexible lighting solutions with a wide array of supplier partners, proficient in technical and design approaches as well.
Clients of 3F project receive a complete design service, from the design table all the way to the implementation. Conceptual and technical lighting design plans are all prepared with a wide range of products.


"Creating spaces is impossible without lighting design.
3F project provides their clients 360° service in lighting design, from the design table to the implementation." – 3F project


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