Lighting design services

360° projects


Complete service - from idea to implementation.

The basis of our corporate strategy is to provide 360° – complete lighting & design services that offer an architectural point of view in lighting design. We market lighting design for projects and serve them as a supplier – from idea through the design table to implementation.


Service phases


1. Cooperation during design with the architect-, interior-
and electrical designers.

2. Lighting calculations with DIALux, DIALux evo design programs.

3. Preparation of 3D visualization plans concentrating
on lighting solutions in interior and exterior spaces.

4. Return of investment calculations for lighting modernizations.

5. Preparation of proposals for contractors and clients.

6. Professional support all the way to handover.


Lighting design


Designing spaces is impossible without lighting design. It is the lighting of the space, the source of light and the specific lighting effect that determines whether we have pleasant or unpleasant feelings within that space. Light is the foundation of our sight, perception and comprehension: this visual information affects our biorhythm and our performance. Therefore, lighting design is exceptionally important in designing spaces; whether the light is natural or artificial.

Our company offers lighting design services for interior spaces, exterior surfaces and facades as well. These services complement architecture, interior design, supplying exact calculations and modeling for light sources and lighting effects. Lighting plans, calculations, models and visualizations are the results of these design processes, which complement the works of the connecting disciplines.

The visual space is made up from two components: the “passive” surfaces and the “active” lighting, that are the results of architectural space forming. We are close cooperating with the architects when creating the visual space since it is a basic task to provide visual information at all the points of the given space.





Lighting control


Control of light fluxes manually or adjusted to the signals of sensors. Recommendations for lighting control systems according to user requirements, activities in the building as well as the unique characteristics of the building. The provide our services from cost efficient toolbox systems to complex router systems consisting of thousands of connections. Lighting control with BUS systems – KNX, DALI – for energy efficiency and increased visual comfort.

The lighting program can be custom fitted, connecting to BMS or intelligent/smart systems is also possible if needed. The design process covers the coherence plans in dwg or pdf format, energy efficiency calculations and the specification of control devices. The proposal and the programming of the control system is made for the entire system according to client requirements.



Designer’s supervision


Work processes are followed from design until the end of construction. Plans are supported by designer and professional consultation, fully considering client requirements. The designed lighting conceptions and solutions are controlled throughout the construction.


Retail lighting


We design lighting, and light effects, creating living spaces in retail interiors. With our lighting plans, we fill the space with content and life – with a new dimension.